In Industry, conditions like extremely high temperatures and pressures, gritty atmospheres and corrosion due to chemicals are quite common.   Our Colloidal Graphite Lubricants (Lubricote) withstand these conditions amazingly well.

The extraordinary properties of Lubricoteare due to its highly stable suspension of pure, ultrafine graphite in various liquid media such as oil, water, solvents etc.

The sub-microscopic particles of graphite in Lubricote are carried to the surface requiring lubrication where, under the existing conditions of high temperatures and pressures, the carrier medium is displaced, leaving the graphite in a tenacious film.  This film fills up even microscopic machining in-accuracies and prevents metal-to-metal contact and shear.
In addition to its manifold uses as a lubricant, Lubricote can be used to form electrostatic shields and conductive coatings because graphite is a good conductor of electricity.  You can also use it for impregnating porous articles such as fabrics, ceramics, paper, packing materials and sintered bearings.
The range of our colloidal graphite is classified as -
LUBRICOTE-X is a dispersion of colloidal graphite in refined mineral oil/synthetic oil.
LUBRICOTE-Z is a homogenous suspension of colloidal graphite in water.
LUBRICOTE-S is a colloidal suspension of graphite in various organic solvents/liquids.