OXEECO is engaged in the manufacture of high purity Natural and Synthetic Graphite Powders & Flakes. Our track record of successful co-operative projects over 4 decades with various customers testifies to our ongoing commitment to provide products and services specifically suited to meet their individual needs.  Rigorous control over raw materials and process conditions assure consistent quality.   The unit has been able to correlate the unique & diverse properties of the Graphite from different mines to various applications providing enhanced benefits to the customers.
Graphite is an allotropic form of Carbon.   Natural Graphite has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, low modulus of elasticity and high thermal conductivity.  These combine to produce its excellent thermal shock resistance through careful grade selection.    At room temperature, Graphite will resist attack by many acids, alkalis and corrosive gases such as Chlorine, Helium and Hydrofluoric acids (at high temperatures, a reducing or neutral atmosphere is recommended).
The electrical conductivity of graphite increase from room temperature to 500°C and then decreases till about 3500°C.   As the temperature increases, the electrical conductivity becomes superior to that of more conductive metals such as Copper and Aluminium. 
Graphite is non-hygroscopic and an excellent extinguishing agent.  It does not combine with Oxygen below 600°C.  Graphite crystallizes in a hexagon system.  Data obtained from X-ray diffraction studies indicate that the length of the hexagonal prism is 6.78A°units.   The distance between atoms in adjacent basal planes is 3.35 A° units.  The orientation of the crystals determines the structure (flaky, crystalline or amorphous).
Broadly speaking, the various grades of graphite manufactured  are :
GRAPHITIC CARBON: 94-95%, 96%, 98%, 99% 99.5% and 99.9%
PARTICLE SIZES:  +40/+50, +80, -100, -200, -325 Mesh, average particle size of
                                  30 Microns, 20 Microns, 5 Microns and 3 Microns.