Oxeeco’s Specialty maintenance products are born out of a need to overcome special problems being focused in the field.  Constant interaction between maintenance personnel in industry and Oxeeco’s R&D teams has resulted in an extensive range of products designed to meet the most exacting working conditions.
The company was established in 1970 to manufacture high purity graphite, an activity in which it has maintained continuous leadership.  The company soon diversified into manufacturing process and maintenance lubricants, specialty coatings and industrial cleaners.
Oxeeco has one of the best equipped laboratories enabling most tests to be done in-house.  Products undergo rigorous testing under stimulated conditions prior to extensive field trials.  Constant improvement has enabled most products to be the market leaders in their category.  Our high quality products and dedicated services have helped build relationships of mutual trust and confidence with a host of world class organizations, which have lasted over three decades.
Our speciality maintenance products consist of a vast number of specially formulated lubricants, coatings and cleaners.  Reducing maintenance by increasing component life cycles and eliminating breakdowns is a major contributor to productivity and profitability in industry today.   Operating conditions combining high temperatures, harsh environmental conditions, corrosive atmospheres, extreme pressures and high speeds pose over greater challenges for the development of lubricants and coatings.  Using advanced techniques and materials Oxeeco has developed a range of products, which will meet the requirements of even the most severe operating conditions.  Oxeeco maintains the highest standards of manufacturing to protest the environment and is constantly working towards ensuring that its products are environmentally friendly and do not pose any health hazards to the users.
Oxeeco’s products find use in all segments of industry, the transport sector, consisting of railway, shipping, aerospace and automotive applications, the energy sector, mining and metallurgical industries; food processing and pharmaceutical mfrs, agriculture, textiles, chemical industry, electrical and electronic industry.