S. No.
Max. Operating Temp 0 C
Application and Features
Packing  (Kgs)
Anti-seize compound
Features: Protects metal parts against seizure due to rust and corrosion, and thermal expansion.  It is totally resistant to both fresh and salt-water.  Withstands abrasion from flowing liquids, sprays and jets.  It works effectively at temperatures as low as –150°C and as high as 900°C at pressures over 2000 Kgs/  It resists galvanic action due to   metal-to-metal electrolysis.  It has excellent heat resistance and non-toxic properties.
Application: Screws/Cap Screws, nuts and bolts.
1, 5 & 20
High temp Anti-seize  Compound (Copper)
Features: Copper based anti-seize compound Enables protection against seizure, corrosion, rust, pitting and galling of metal surfaces.
Application: Screw joints subjected to high temperature and corrosive environments, can be applied for gear racks, pivots, pinions, bolts, flanges, pumps, press fit parts, screws, bushings, pipe fittings, valves, metal gaskets, bearings of steam / gas / chemical pipeline.
1, 5 & 20
High temp Antiseize  Compound  (Silicone Moly)
+ 350
Features:  Provides effective lubricating film on rough and smooth surfaces. Prevents scuffing and pickup during seizure. Effective under high temperature and high pressure.
Application: Plain bearings, pivots, joints press fittings, bearings, wheels pulleys, gear racks, pinions, shafts, nuts and bolts.
1, 5 & 20
 High temp Antiseize compound (PTFE)
Features: Low friction, non-toxic, non-stick surface chemically resistant anti-seize compound.
Application: Use on Cams, Slides, open bearings and chutes, bolts, screws, flanges, press fit parts, chassis etc.
1, 5 & 20
Moly Paste
Features:  Pressure resistant high temperature grease in the form of paste with anti wear and high load properties.
Application:  Bearings with high load and working in high temperature environments.  All types of fittings such as valves, stopcocks, centrifugal, piston and geared-pumps, used as an anti-seize compound.
1, 5 & 20